Aw shucks, thank you!

Aw shucks, thank you!

I just received this today and it really made my day and I thought I should share.

Hiya Shaun,

Just wanted to drop a quick email of emphatic thanks for your many years of work with OpenCover. I was tasked with the job just recently of introducing unit + service tests, along with things to ensure quality outcomes are being achieved with this (i.e., measurable outputs)... OpenCover was such a simple drop-in tool.

Having never used it, I was up and going in under 2 hrs, complete with HTML reports, and a wrapping cmd file so it's about as idiot proof as I can get things.

So... no reason to this email other than to make sure you know at least someone appreciates your hard work :-)

Hope life is treating you well!



As I said that really made my day, I am glad that someone has found our work on OpenCover useful and not just at places I/we happen to work at. I must also give a shout out to the other other contributors of this project over the years and give a big thanks to Daniel who wrote the reporting generator tool that makes the output from OpenCover look so good.