Not dead yet...

Not dead yet...

So it has been a while but I am glad to finally say I have released another version of OpenCover - 4.7.922.

The release candidate has been out for a few weeks now with no issues reported so I decided to bite the bullet and get the latest release out; the releases, as always, can be found on Nuget, Chocolatey and Github.

I'd say most of the major issues were addressed and OpenCover should have better support for assemblies built using .net core thanks to the wonderful Mono.Cecil library. I've also hooked in Sentry to collect crash reports, we used to use DrDump with 4.6.519 but I feel that Sentry will help us be more proactive in identifying and fixing any issues. If you do have any problems then please raise them on issues page.

There are a few defects/issues that I'll probably have a go at in the next few weeks/months but I can't see any major features being added in the near future, I will however look at and accept any pull-requests that adds value to the project so feel free to dive in.

I also recently found out that NDepend is also supporting OpenCover coverage files now, so that is a big win to the community that have been asking for that capability over the years.

As always your feedback is appreciated.